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Professional, proactive, and problem-solving driven! Here at Centarus, our technology, engineer, and strategy consultant teams are qualified and experienced, with real industry knowledge. Don't just take our word for it though. Together we've achieved Certified Microsoft Partner status which is reserved for IT companies demonstrating excellence in implementing Microsoft technologies.

Rather than existing in a specialized IT bubble, we communicate with our clients in positive way without blasting you with IT jargon. Rather than treating you like a number, we believe in a personalized approach. At Centarus, you will experience a dynamic, forward-thinking IT solution-based company.

Andrew Maurer

IT Guru & vCIO

Hobby: Science Fiction

Andrew enlisted in the Army after 9/11, earning Commendation Medals for Excellence overseeing network operations in a combat zone in Iraq and as a system/network administrator in South Korea. Armed with a degree in economics from Columbia University, a list of certifications and several years of civilian IT experience, Andrew joined Centarus as an IT Consultant. While he enjoys alleviating customers’ frustrations, he would really like to write a sci-fi script for TV.

Savita Sahi

General Manager

Hobby: Painting

Centarus cofounder Savita Sahi is an entrepreneur at heart. She managed all aspects of her family’s San Francisco restaurant by the time she was 16 years old, then earned a degree in education and set about transforming local schools. As part of her work in education administration, she built a computer lab at the Megan Furth Academy, honing her penchant for technology management. Savita prides herself on helping clients’ business run more efficiently and giving them a first-class customer experience. In her spare time, she hikes with her kids, makes art and is studying to teach yoga.

Manuj Rattan

IT Guru & Service Delivery

Hobby: Family & Career

Manuj sees life at Centarus as a roller-coaster ride — one he enjoys immensely and is more up than down. He revels in learning something new every day, whether about the technology, the client company or the person on the other end of the phone. Manuj has been in IT for more than five years, after earning degrees in computer programming and business administration, as well as working at several technology companies. In his free time, he researches old support tickets to figure out what he could have done better.

Jan Mcwiliams

Office Manager

Hobby: Hiking & Swimming

Jan found the perfect place for her extreme perfectionist tendencies as the office manager and bookkeeper for Centarus. The company’s resident “non-techy,” she enjoys doing everything there is to do to keep things running smoothly for both clients and employees. In her spare time with family, she is in or around any water she can find.

Manish Mahajan

IT Guru

Hobby: Family & Watching Cricket

With a lifelong fascination with technology, a degree in computer science and experience working for Dell, Manish loves putting his knowledge to work finding solutions for Centarus customers. He believes he was born a cricket fan and even played at the interstate level while in school. Nowadays, he enjoys spending time with his wife & Son.

Dale Roberts

IT Guru & Founder

Hobby: Playing Guitar

Dale discovered his penchant for technology while working on radars during his time in the US Navy. He built on that experience with stints at tech firms, both nationally and internationally, eventually founding Centarus to help small companies leverage technology to grow their businesses. It’s his intent to prove to clients that their technology is not all that scary — as long as you have the right tools and support. If he weren’t in tech, Dale is pretty sure he would be a professional star-gazer.

John Warno

Sales & Systems Engineer

Hobby: Sailing

A California native with a degree from the Academy of Art University, John brings a broad skill set to Centarus. As a sales and systems engineer, he specializes in compliance and security issues, offering clients more than 15 years of experience in customer facing roles and information technology — seven of which were spent working with all aspects of MSPs. When not working with the good people of Centarus, John enjoys sailing.


Rajinder Singh

IT Guru

Hobby: Punjabi dancing

When becoming a professional cricket player or dancer didn’t seem possible, Raj’s father steered him “to be part of something with more of a future.” He studied IT in college and has been working in the industry ever since. A native of Chandigarh, India, he enjoys learning something new every day working at Centarus, where he helps clients solve every kind of IT problem. Raj enjoys cricket and watching movies, but most of all, he loves making his one-year-old son laugh.

Mark Neuman

IT Guru

Hobby: Mountain Biking

Mark found his penchant for IT in an internet café in Chicago. He brought people skills, management experience and the ability to learn quickly to his first job in the industry. He brings those same skills to Centarus — along with 20 years of experience. Educated in the U.S. and Israel, Mark likes working with diverse types of people, including everyone from CEOs of companies to front-line workers. He is based in Prescott, Arizona, where he is an avid mountain biker.

Mariana Castillo

IT Guru & Dispatch

Hobby: Gardening & Cooking

A native of Costa Rica, Mariana always thought she’d wind up working in psychology, going as far as earning a university degree in the subject. But an early employer had a different idea, training her in IT support. Along the way, she found she really liked it. She’d enjoyed psychology because she was able to help people, and she discovered that in IT, she can do the same thing. Now with more than 13 years of experience in IT support and customer service, Mariana puts her skills to work as a self-proclaimed “IT fairy,” working closely with clients to solve all their problems. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking and spending time with her little dog, Pippa.


Jason Hiller

IT Guru & Data scientist

Hobby: Wood Working

Jason’s life is all technology, all the time. It started in the 1980s when his parents brought home a Commodore 64, and he was hooked. Based in Surprise, Arizona (yes, that’s the name of the town), Jason loves that, in technology, everything has a logical, rational conclusion — anything can be done; you just have to figure out how. He enjoys empowering Centarus clients with technology to save their time and increase their productivity.

Braxton Herring

IT Guru

Hobby: Crafting & gardening

At age 7, Braxton started installing programs on an old XP computer. As his family got new computers, he would tear them town and rebuild them, until it grew into a career. Based in Arizona, Braxton enjoys learning new processes and working with new technologies. He provides remote tech support to Centarus clients, whom he finds particularly easy to work with. Outside of work, Braxton is passionate about music and gardening, and he loves cows and sheep.

Ryan Barba

IT Guru

Hobby: Cars & Coral-Reefing

Ryan is a San Francisco native whose uncle got him into fixing computers when he was growing up. When it came time to choose a career, Ryan realized he already had the skills and mindset to pursue IT. Known for his easy smile and laughter, he loves the problem-solving and “curve balls” in his day-to-day work for Centarus’ clients. When not at work, Ryan has an eclectic mix of hobbies, including showing cars he’s fixed up, “coral-reefing” with the saltwater coral-reef tank in his home, and spending time with his family, including his dog, a Malti-Shitz named Casper.

Scott Hanson

IT Guru

Hobby: Sailing

Growing up in Southern California, Scott was the first kid in his neighborhood to get a computer. He was always analytical and interested in science and the future, so he earned a degree from UC Santa Barbara in computer science and engineering. As an IT Consultant for Centarus, Scott works with clients to provide troubleshooting & support. He recently sailed his first ocean crossing from Hawaii to San Francisco.

John Kucharski

IT Guru

Hobby: Off-Roading & Camping

Currently based in Mesa, Arizona, Navy veteran John hated computers when they first came out. That all changed when he saw someone playing Arnold Palmer’s computer golf game. He fell in love, asking to be re-assigned from serving as a sonar technician to being the ADP officer for his ship. He has since run computer divisions for various companies, primarily as a network manager. John switched to IT customer service when his wife came home crying one day from work, having been poorly treated by her company’s help desk. He knew he could make a difference in people’s lives by offering kind and knowledgeable IT help. In addition to computers, John loves the outdoors and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Stephen Beddoes

IT Guru

Hobby: Watching Rugby & Soccer

Born, raised and educated in Wales, Stephen has Centarus’ favorite accent. He moved to Boston while working in IT for Laura Ashley, later relocating to San Francisco to raise his two soccer-playing daughters. A perfect fit for Centarus’ IT team, Stephen “can’t amplify enough” how much he enjoys working with clients and making them happy. What makes him happy is volunteering for his daughters’ schools, as well as Welsh rugby and soccer — or as he calls it, football.

Cory Olsson

IT Guru

Hobby: Playing Bass guitar

An Army veteran, Cory jumped at the chance for computer training when the VA called to offer it. He also jumped at the chance to leave the snow of Michigan behind to live in Phoenix, where he now works for Centarus. “I love working with people, and I love IT,” he says. “When I get to combine the two, I’m a happy guy.” He’s also a happy guy when he’s riding his motorcycles and playing bass in a band every weekend.”

Our Expertise

We manage your technology systems so you don't have to! Every member of the Centarus IT service and support teams have specializations, forming a full-service IT management and strategy company. Even if you don't know what area of expertise your business needs, you can just drop us a line about who you are and what you want to achieve. We'll not only fill in the blanks but provide you with a workable and affordable plan of action. We are an MSP-Plus (Managed Service Provider-Plus) company, as well, which means we look after network-based services, applications and, equipment for your business. Our expertise is focused but wide-ranging.

What We Offer You

Aside from all the technical wizardry and IT geekiness, what we promise is a real-life understanding of business needs. We're here to make your life and business easier, not more complicated! To be a smoother operator you do need the right systems and support in place though. Minimizing downtime and potential lost revenue means Centarus' support solutions are engineered toward being a productive and profitable choice. If you want efficient, effective IT solutions that fit the framework of your enterprise, with round-the-clock technical support then you need our technology services.

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