Managed IT Services

The Many Ways They Help Your SMB


What exactly are managed IT services?

Managed IT Services is the outsourcing of all or some of your technology responsibilities to an IT services provider, based on your needs, goals, and budget. These experts keep your business IT optimized around the clock, letting you focus on your company instead of IT worries...and more.

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Do More with Less

We use Centarus’ Flat-Fee IT model. We’ve worked with other IT firms that claim a flat-fee model but then jack up the fees. Centarus doesn’t do this. Costs are set, yet they always get the job done in a timely fashion. They have a quick response time and are always easy to talk to in lay terms. ...Read More

Sean Kenney, Esq.
Myers Urbatsch, PC

Flat-Fee IT

Centarus’ flat-fee program provides us with the advantage of having a predictable monthly IT cost and the comfort of knowing they are always there to solve any problem. They handle our entire electronic infrastructure, including our upgrades, and they are extremely responsive to any questions via ...Read More

Phillip Fitzwater
Iris Environmental

Smart Proactive IT

We are a nonprofit with limited resources, and Centarus always works with us to make sure our systems are working, from setting up new users to helping maintain our servers. As a museum, we are open to the public, so if our point-of-sale system goes down, we have a big problem! Centarus is so responsive ...Read More

Suzie Mahaffay
Finance Director
Lindsay Wildlife Museum