DNS Filter

Effective, easy-to-deploy cloud security and threat intelligence platform

The internet is a BIG place. More than 126,000 domains are registered each day, making it impossible for humancontrolled
block lists to catch up with classifying websites and identifying potential malware or phishing attempts. This creates
a major vulnerability in most filtering/security solutions. DNSFilter has an artificial intelligence engine, which classifies
domains in real time. When your users visit a domain, our scanner fetches it and classifies it immediately. The classification is then matched against your policy to determine if the user can access it.

DNS Filter’s cloud-based security solutions and threat intelligence involve:

  • Real-time threat detection and elimination to keep you protected from any cyberthreats
  • Seamless integration into existing infrastructure so you can maximize ROI from your previous investment
  • Threat investigative and predictive intelligence that help you minimize future attacks across domains, IPs, networks, and systems
  • Multiple high-quality data centers are home to our servers. We closely monitor server activity and performance,
    consistently scaling data center presence as our traffic grows.

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