Perch SIEM

Customizable threat intelligence software that keeps you secure with easy-to-understand analytics, accurate alerts, and actionable advice

Threat intel sources may seem like an advanced, expensive security solution that only large enterprises can afford, requiring a team of analysts to turn raw data into accurate reports and technicians who know how to leverage the actionable items. But with Centarus’s Perch SIEM software, small to medium-sized businesses like yours can enjoy insightful threat analytics and improved protection, and decide whether you’d like to take the initiative over each threat alert or let our specialists handle it, all without breaking the bank.

The Perch SIEM involves:

  • Perch web application that provides you with accurate, easy-to-understand reports and valid alerts on potential threat activities on your network, as well as data access control
  • Perch sensor, a physical or virtual machine that our technicians will seamlessly integrate into your firewall and ensure advanced configuration for effective, round-the-clock monitoring of your network
  • Perch Security Operations Center (SOC) that validates threats and maintains real-time sync with Centarus so we can provide effective remediation before your operations grind to a halt

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