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Comprehensive, best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your network, systems, and data

Cyberthreats are evolving by the minute, and keeping up with them on your own can be overwhelming, especially if it requires choosing the right security tools for different areas of your business IT. That’s why Centarus offers Advanced Gateway Security Suite from SonicWall, a cost-effective bundle of robust firewall, real-time threat detection tools, routine updates, and 24/7 support.

With Advanced Gateway Security Suite, you’ll also get:

  • ICSA-certified gateway threat protection that stops malware at the door by combining a list of network-based anti-malware with over 20 million malware signatures in the cloud
  • Effective content filtering tools that control employee access to suspicious or unproductive sites
  • Round-the-clock technical support, updates, and upgrades to keep your systems safe and running smoothly at all times
  • Cutting-edge intrusion prevention system (IPS) that monitors your network 24/7 and eliminates potential threats before they put your operations to a halt
  • Application intelligence and control, a set of application-specific policies that gives you hassle-free control over access, bandwidth, and other granular tool and user configurations
  • Multi-engine sandbox, a next-gen threat detection tool that analyzes suspicious code and helps you discover newly released malware that might slip past your current firewall

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