Return on Investment

Don’t wait for a costly IT emergency

Cyber Attacks - While there is no singular reason for cyberattacks, unsecured networks do take some of the blame. Insider threats, both intentional and unintentional, account for 60% of all attacks.

Centarus provides Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer), IT Consulting, and Helpdesk services that allow you to take your mind off technology and concentrate on achieving your goals for your business.

Let our expert consultants explain how the right IT plan can save your business from costly downtime.

Worry-Free, Fixed-Cost IT. Guaranteed.

Managed IT Services from Centarus give you worry-free, dependable, and predictable technology with around-the-clock proactive monitoring. We prevent IT problems from stopping your business. You get:

  • Comprehensive network security
  • Improved efficiency and less downtime
  • Increased profits through improved technology ROI
  • The peace of mind that comes with around-the-clock outsourced IT management

Contact us today and learn about a better way to end your technology headaches once and for all.

Data Breach - Trust between you and your customers is crucial to your own business' success, particularly when you are managing their data. The average cost of a data breach for U.S. companies is $8.2 million.

Network outages are not only frustrating but incredibly costly. On average, a network outage can cost upwards of $5,600 per minute and can result in missing out on new sales, losing customers, and an increase in operating costs.

We understand how to use technology as a tool to propel your business to a brighter future. When you partner with our committed IT Consultants, you can relinquish your IT concerns and get on with business as usual.