I brought Centarus with me from a prior employer. That’s how much I like working with them! They are so responsive; we tell them what we need, and they are on it. Their technicians are awesome to work with, and they speak to us in lay terms. From customer service to accounting to everything in between, they are so good. I also really appreciate the way they keep records: If I request a password or documentation, they just have it right there and can get it to me securely. For us, that’s really important.

Brenda Beamish
Degryse Electric Inc.

A Valuable Partnership

Centarus is an exceptional company providing tech support to businesses throughout the general Bay Area. They are responsive 24/7 and provide support at a moment’s notice handling emergencies to keep the workflow moving. We could not run our business without their valuable partnership. Scott Hanson is extremely knowledgeable and handles complex issues that baffle the rest of us! Centarus is definitely the best tech support I have ever worked with. Thumbs up to Centarus for a job well done!

Cynthia T
Hartog, Baer & Hand, APC

Managed IT Consulting

We have dealt with frustrating IT issues in the past, with providers not fixing things in a timely manner, not answering my staff's calls, and not taking responsibility. After switching to Centarus, we have been so pleased! Their response time is outstanding, their communication is professional and thorough, and they keep their commitments and see their projects through!!!! In short, they are pros! If your business needs an IT department, look no further. Centarus is it!!!

Otis Landerholm
Founding Attorney
Landerhom Immigration

Cloud Migration

Centarus came in, explained everything in easy-to-understand terms and helped us take baby steps to migrate to the cloud. We expected a painful ordeal, but Centarus took away every fear we had about switching. It was seamless and painless. We can’t say enough good things about how incredibly patient the Centarus team was with this complicated process. I get daily reports, so I always know where my company is technologically. They are top-notch with their communication and service. On a five-star scale, I’d give them 10 stars. They said they’d take care of everything … and they have.

Cheryl Genovesi
Office Manager
The CORE Companies

Flat-Fee IT

Centarus’ flat-fee program provides us with the advantage of having a predictable monthly IT cost and the comfort of knowing they are always there to solve any problem. They handle our entire electronic infrastructure, including our upgrades, and they are extremely responsive to any questions via both phone and e-mail.

Centarus is very sensitive to the needs of our business. Our systems need to be up 24/7. Centarus makes that happen.

Phillip Fitzwater
Iris Environmental

Sensible IT Strategies

Centarus takes a genuine interest in an organization’s products and services to recommend the best IT strategies and technologies for their needs. We’re a small membership-based organization, and we constantly need to adapt to our members’ and industry’s changing requirements.

They continually ask us questions about our current and future needs. Centarus has helped us develop sensible IT strategies — within our nonprofit budget — and implement them on an ongoing basis. Centarus really pays attention to the whole life of our organization and our business climate.

Ellen Johnck
Executive Director
Bay Planning Coalition

Managing Your IT

Centarus manages all of our technology. They buy our servers, install and update our software, set up our e-mail — everything. They manage our day-to-day IT operations, making sure everything is backed up both in our offices and at a colo site. They continually monitor everything both on-site and remotely, and they often know of any potential problems before
we do.

While I am pretty tech-savvy, one of the things I really like about Centarus is their great people skills and ability to deal with others at varying levels of expertise. They really know their technology, and they provide an extremely high level of proactive customer service — in my experience, it’s hard to find both those things in a single company. That’s why we use Centarus.

Dan Murphy
Edward W. Scott Electric Inc.

Smart Proactive IT

We are a nonprofit with limited resources, and Centarus always works with us to make sure our systems are working, from setting up new users to helping maintain our servers. As a museum, we are open to the public, so if our point-of-sale system goes down, we have a big problem! Centarus is so responsive to our needs. Whether I need them to remote in or come in person, I always know I will have the assistance I need whenever I need it.

Suzie Mahaffay
Finance Director
Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Do More with Less

We use Centarus’ Flat-Fee IT model. We’ve worked with other IT firms that claim a flat-fee model but then jack up the fees. Centarus doesn’t do this. Costs are set, yet they always get the job done in a timely fashion. They have a quick response time and are always easy to talk to in lay terms.

Sean Kenney, Esq.
Myers Urbatsch, PC

Office Moves

Centarus has great response times and always goes the extra mile for us. They are helping Brayer move toward the cloud, and they put our second office together, making sure everyone from the field guys to the office workers are on the same page. They are so helpful. Additionally, their flat-fee invoicing is nice, clean and simple.

Jennifer Milani
Human Resources
Brayer Electric Company

Fast Response Time

I have worked with Centarus at two different law firms; I brought them with me when I took my new job due to their incredible customer service and attitude. They have the ability to make each customer feel as if they are their only customer. When we e-mail them with an issue, we receive a response within 10 minutes, and the issue is usually fixed within 20 minutes — that is a level of service sorely missing in this lack-of-customer-service age. Further, Centarus’ experience with cutting-edge technology helps them provide superb recommendations and keeps us from being victims of cyber-attacks geared toward law firms.

Louis Knox, J.D.
Office Manager
Hartog, Baer & Hand, APC

Cost Effective

We were looking to migrate to the cloud when Microsoft recommended Centarus. Now we have switched to partner with Centarus for two reasons. First, they are extremely responsive — they usually respond within five minutes for IT help. Second, Centarus’ flat-fee model is wonderful. We are a small nonprofit, and this model helps with planning and predictable budgeting. From the initial consultation through the whole migration, everything has been smooth and easy.

Silvia Zeng
Business Manager

Incredible Support

“The word ‘reliable’ encompasses everything about Centarus. I love how quickly everything happens. I send an e-mail or I call, and I’m contacted within 5 minutes 100% of the time. With previous IT companies, I wouldn’t hear back in even 24 or 48 hours. I know I can count on Centarus, and I’m never stressed out or worried they won’t get back to me. Also great is how they can remotely go in to our systems and fix whatever I need fixed without me being involved.”

Manny Reyes
Account Manager
CAL Insurance & Associates